Holding a class 2 demolition licence has provided the Indianic with certification to demolish marine structure. We have completed the single biggest marine demolition ever under taken in the southern hemisphere, being the D berth of BHPB as a 3 tier contractor. We have also been contracted to perform several other sensitive demolitions within Western Australia.

Having the right skill set with the demolition team supported with a large variety of equipment has put Indianic in the forefront of marine demolition.

Equipment Includes
  • Multi cat style vessels with inbuilt dive control with other punts and safety/crew transfer vessels to support.
  • In house and external training of personnel which includes project specific methods and machinery operations.
  • Full safety analyses with CRAW to identify and minimise and/or remove risk.
  • Methodical Demolition Plan to set out the methodology and time line.
Services Include

There are many types of construction methods and materials from timber piles to steel piles to land backed structures. All the required specific demolition services include;

  • Thermic lance cutting of steel piles.
  • Chainsaw cutting of wood and concrete piles.
  • Vibro removal of piles with vibro hammer and crane.
  • Post work Surveys of the seabed or abutment/sea wall.