Indianic provide a wide variety of marine services including; offshore & onshore; marine construction, demolition, infrastructure inspection and maintenance.

Main Services:

Project Management of small to large marine based construction contracts, with provision of multi-skilled and highly qualified personnel. Projects are supported with engineering services, floating plant and equipment and highly experienced offshore and construction diving services.

Marine Labour Hire: Including; surface and sub-surface rigging and lifting, utilising experienced licensed commercial divers who are multi-skilled and have accompanying certifications such as riggers licenses, with VOC.

Coded and Hyperbaric Welding: Indianic employ several wet stick welders and several boilermaker/divers with full qualifications capable of simple tack jobs to testable multi pass welds.

Marine and Underwater Construction: Pipe lines, intakes, cathodic protection (supply and installation), pile splicing (wood and steel), form work, stability mat laying, under water concrete pours, jetty and boat ramp construction.

  • Piling services from 250-600mm piles with structural steel and decking as new build or refurbishments;
  • Floating plant and equipment from; small barges to large jack up barges to small crew vessel to mid-sized construction; vessels to large ocean going tugs and rig tenders;
  • Sea Wall Construction: Geo-textile laying and rock positioning of core and armour rock; and
  • Turbidity Barriers (Silt Curtains): Supply, installation and maintenance. Indianic have worked on numerous curtains from 50m-1000m over the past 10 years.
Specialised Marine Construction Services:

Marine Demolition: Indianic has completed 3 of the largest marine demolition jobs ever undertaken in the Southern hemisphere. To date we have cut over 3,500 steel piles with diameters up to 1.2m and wall thickness of up to 40mm. We have cut over 2,600 wooden piles up to 900mm in diameter, dismantled over 4 kilometres of jetty and removed boat ramps and slipways.

Infrastructure Inspection: Utilising CSWIP qualified divers and specialised Indianic owned equipment including; Ultra Sonic Web Thickness meter (UTM), Cathodic Signature Meter (CP Meter) and Magnetic Practical weld testing. Indianic also provide real time HD video feeds from all divers for survey and third party inspections.

Underwater Precision Dredging: Indianic has several surface mounted and sub-surface dredging pumps and are able to relocate or remove sand, mud and silts at a rate of up to 160L per second with 50% suspended particles and rocks up to 60mm that can be filtered prior to release. Indianic have used this equipment to dredge yacht clubs, under vessels without moving vessels, and up to but not undermining piles. On previous projects Indianic has utilised these systems to move over 6 Olympic sized swimming pools of sand and similar in silt. We also have several air lift and venturi lift systems.

Unexploded Ordinance Clearance UXO (Bomb location and disposal): Indianic has performed this type of work using qualified employee’s to locate, identify, relocate, render inert and discarded ordinance from past wars and training grounds. Work was performed at Albany and North of Geraldton on the Oakajee site.

In-Water Hull Inspection: Indianic are certified Society Class In-Water Surveyors for Germanischer Lloyd, Bureau Veritas, American Bureau of Shipping and Class NK. We can provide this service alongside when authorised by port authority.