Cockburn Cement Jetty Upgrade:
  • Client Name: In-Situ Construction & Maintenance
  • Referee: Jim Bavoillot
  • Location: Woodman Point, Western Australia

Indianic provided commercial diving and construction services to In-Situ Construction and Maintenance on the Cockburn Cement Jetty Upgrade. We are providing pile cleaning services, concrete sleeving of all piles and sacrificial cathodic protection installation.

Navigational Maker Inspection:
  • Client Name: Cervan Marine PTY LTD
  • Referee: n/a
  • Completed: February 2011
  • Location: Port Hedland, Western Australia

Indianic have been contracted by Cervan Marine to complete visual inspections of navigational marker piles and anodes and to complete ultrasonic thickness testing.

BHP Billiton/Quantum
  • Client Name: BHP Billiton
  • Referee: n/a
  • Completed: Commenced Late 2010
  • Location: Port Hedland, Western Australia

Indianic have been contracted by BHP Billiton to undertake sampling and diving services as required.

Fremantle Port – Rous Head silt curtain & air curtain
  • Client Name: Fremantle Port
  • Referee: n/a
  • Completed: Jan 2011
  • Location: Fremantle, Western Australia

Dredging work at Fremantle Port to deepen the turning circle and channel caused significant turbidity in the mouth of the River. Indianic were contracted to create, install and maintain an air curtain at Rous Head and silk curtain at the old traffic bridge in Fremantle to minimise the down stream effects of turbidity.

Fremantle Port – Blue Metal Movement
  • Client Name: Fremantle Port Authority
  • Referee: n/a
  • Completed: Jan 2011
  • Location: Fremantle, Western Australia

Indianic  have been contracted by the Fremantle Port to identify an appropriate method, and to move large quantities of blue metal on the port sea floor.

Australian Marine Complex – Routine Maintenance
  • Client Name: Australian Marine Complex
  • Referee: n/a
  • Completed: Ongoing
  • Location: Henderson, Western Australia

Indianic is routinely engaged by the Australian Marine Complex at Henderson to conduct maintenance and inspections of the floating dock.

BHP Billiton RGP6 – 300 Tonne Floating Dock Salvage
  • Client Name: BHP Billiton
  • Referee: n/a
  • Completed: Jan 2010
  • Location: Port Hedland, Western Australia

Indianic contracting directly to BHP Billiton through the Fast JV salvaged an 300t floating dock buried 6m in the Port Hedland Harbour. Indianic located, surveyed and excavated through 6m of silt, sand and rock in 20m of black water (visibility to 100mm), to allow the alignment of a future jetty for RGP6.

The contract was completed LTI free.

City Of Bunbury– Barrier Installation & Maintenance
  • Client Name: City of Bunbury
  • Referee: n/a
  • Completed: Commenced July 2010
  • Location: Bunbury, Western Australia

The City of Bunbury contracted Indianic to create, install and maintain a barrier around the Bunbury jetty to prevent debris entering the waters around the jetty. A 1500m weighted barrier along with navigation markers were created and installed and continued maintenance conducted until further advised.

Oakagee Port – GEMS
  • Client Name: GEMS/JFA
  • Referee: n/a
  • Completed: July 2010
  • Location: Geraldton, Western Australia

Indianic sensor instrument salvaged and moorings maintained.

SINO VDM – Core Lock Installation
  • Client Name: SINO VDM
  • Referee: n/a
  • Completed: Sept 2010
  • Location: Cape Preston, Western Australia

Two 5 man dive teams installed Core Lock at Cape Preston for SINO VDM in low to no visibility water.

Jan De Nul – Dredging Support & Maintenance
  • Client Name: Jan De Nul
  • Referee: n/a
  • Completed: September 2009
  • Location: Port Hedland, Western Australia

Indianic is providing Jan De Nul with emergency diving services for dredging support and maintenance on RGP6.

Power & Water Darwin  – Submarine Cable Maintenance
  • Client Name: Power & Water
  • Referee: n/a
  • Completed: May 2009
  • Location: Darwin, Northern Territory

Power & Water contracted Indianic to conduct remedial works on the submarine power cable stabilisation. Indianic supplied a construction dive team and decompression chamber to site, required for the dive depths.

The team identified anomolies, depth, documented work through digital footage (video and camera) and completed required works utilising cement bags to stabilise the cable.

Albany Port Authority – 90 Tonne Rudder Salvage
  • Client Name: Albany Port Authority
  • Referee: n/a
  • Completed: Jan 2009
  • Location: Albany, Western Australia

Albany Port Authority contracted Indianic to salvage a 90t rudder from within the port. Due to the depths and rigging work required a seven man dive team with certified riggers, 12 air bags for lifting the rudder, decompression chamber and the Indi Phantom were utilised to salvage the rudder. The salvaged rudder was moved 3 kilometers to a destination advised by the client. The salvage was completed successfully within the allocated time frame and within budget.

Albany Port Authority – UXO Clearance
  • Client Name: Albany Port Authority
  • Referee: n/a
  • Completed: Jan 2009
  • Location: Albany, Western Australia

Indianic Diving Services was engaged by Albany Port Authority to assist the dredging works at the Albany Port. Works completed entailed anode welding, Denso wrapping of piles and grid searching to clear debris including unexploded ordinance.

Kmberly Helicopter Salvage
  • Client Name: True North Charters
  • Referee: n/a
  • Completed: Sept 2008
  • Location: Talbot Bay, Western Australia

Indianic were advised that a helicopter had crashed in Talbot Bay North of Broome on Thursday 25/09/2008. After contacting the owner Indianic assembled equipment, organised flights, lodging and the divers required to salvage the helicopter, flying to Broome early Friday morning 26/09/2008.

Work method statements and risk assessments were planned and produced, for the three foreseeable salvage scenarios. The first diver entered the water on Saturday 27/09/2008 around 6:00am and the helicopter was secured on deck by 10:30am the same day.

Port Coogee Marina – Silk Curtain
  • Client Name: RJ Vincent & Co
  • Referee: n/a
  • Completed: June 2008
  • Location: Port Coogee, Western Australia

Indianic was contracted to design, supply and maintain a silk curtain for the duration of the construction of the Port Coogee Marina facility. This incorporated the initial design brief, sourcing the curtain, design and fabrication of a temporary solution, installation of the curtain upon manufacture and maintenance over a 14 month period. The contract also included the subsequent removal, site clean-up and disposal upon completion. During the period of the contract we were required to move and adjust the curtain several times to suit the client’s requirements. During the course of the contract we developed new technologies and techniques which resulted in better outcomes for both the client and the environment. Received favourable comments from EPA officers on the effectiveness of the curtain in its design and efficiency, especially with the results the curtain achieved as a direct outcome of design techniques used.

Demolition of Redundant BHP Load Out Wharf
  • Client Name: BHP Billiton via John Holland/CMA
  • Referee: n/a
  • Completed: March 2008
  • Location: Port Hedland, Western Australia

Indianic were the sole diving contractor for the demolition works of the redundant BHP load out wharf.  The prime contract included the cutting of over 970 piles, with a thermic lance (Brocco), of between 0.6m and 1m in diameter on the BHP Load Out wharf (many of the piles had to be cut up to 3 times as a result of construction rubble, tangled reo etc on the sea bed).

Indianic operated a 5 to 7 man dive team, depending on the client’s requirements, including dive medical technicians (DMT) capable of operating the dive chamber and providing life support and skippers for the safety vessel, for the term of the contract. Diving infrastructure supplied by Indianic included a 60” Decompression Chamber with support equipment and safety vessel.

Indianic completed over 430 days diving which involved cutting and welding with almost zero visibility and strong tidal movement’s incident and LTI free, as a result, Indianic were nominated for a BHP International Safety Award.  This work also resulted in support work with Van Ord, dredging support for Jan De Nul and pile cutting for Austral Construction.

Port Coogee Marina– Survey & Clearance
  • Client Name: Rocktec Contracting/VDM
  • Referee: n/a
  • Completed: October 2007
  • Location: Port Coogee, Western Australia

Indianic were the sole diving company used for the duration of the works. The works included:

Provision of a three man commercial dive team and dive vessel together with the associated equipment, six days a week for 12 of the 14 months

Wall and bottom surveys;

Cleared bottom of objects causing dredging difficulties; and debris removal, including large pipes and cables.

The job was completed incident free. Rocktec have indicated that IDS will be their preferred diving contractors for any future marine works.

Darwin LNG Wharf – Cathodic Protection
  • Client Name: Bechtel via Thiess
  • Referee: n/a
  • Completed: Completed January 2006
  • Location: Darwin, Northern Territory

Indianic were the principal diving contractor on the marine project and were contracted for:

  • Installation and welding of 75 x 1 tonne cathodic sacrificial anodes;
  • Installation and concrete filling of 10 x 60 cubic metre cofferdams;
  • Installation of laser tidal sensors and all associated wiring;
  • Installation of raw water inlets for the fire suppression system; and
  • Deep water search and debris removal for the full turning basin.

The job was completed ahead of time, on budget (Indianic were the only contractor to make this achievement) and incident free. Our quote was several hundred thousand cheaper than the next cheapest quote and we were still able to make a good margin. Thiess recommended Indianic to their related building companies to undertake other diving work.