All diving equipment is serviced and records maintained as per Australian Standards. Detailed records are compiled and maintained historically. Where required, service logs and operational manuals are provided on-site with equipment.

Air Diving Spreads:

Indianic maintain 6 portable diving spreads and have 2 in-built spreads within two of our vessels. Spreads include KMB 37 hard hat diving helmets and KMB 28 diving masks as standard.

Equipped with certified air dispersal panel for two to three divers, open two-way communication, optional CCTV live feed video and full deliverable documentation packages.

Air and Mixed Gas Breathing Systems:

Indianic have nitrox producing HP/LP Compressors; (oxygen enriched breathing air), computerised for accuracy and mounted within 10 x 10 containers. They have marine grade wiring, 20 amp 3 phase electric with soft start and directional switching fitted.

Our mixed gas panels are fitted with oxygen analysers and oxygen cleaning procedures are followed. This is in line with the mixed gas section of our Diving Safety Management System (DSMS).

We have 4 and 16 bottle quads, both in mixed gas and breathing air for High Pressure (HP) air supply. Several of our support containers are also fitted with 9 x G bottle HP storage banks, for further HP supply. This is produced via HP compressors within the support containers and from a large HP unit at our Henderson facility. All HP gas is produced via an automated, computerised filtration system.

Dive Control Equipment:

Indianic maintain containerised 10′ x 10′ Dive Control Units; set up with all equipment including hard hats, soft hats, built in 2 and 3 diver dive control panels with in water communication systems and live feed video systems from hat mounted cameras. Two of the units are road registered trailers. All spreads have 100% redundant systems and can support up to a 7 man dive team.

Diving and Camber Support Units:

Mounted in 20′ x 10′ and 10′ x 10′ containers, these support containers can be mobilised with the Dive Decompression Chamber (DCC) to operate the DCC and/or independently with dive spreads, providing LP/HP air supplies. The fit out varies; with internal HP air banks, diesel 47.5kva silenced power supply and storage/work shop. These units can also be used independently of the DCC, and can be sent on larger jobs to run a large dive control, allowing Indianic to fill, store and maintain diving gases production and storage.

Hyperbaric Support Equipment:

We can provide DCC; 60” twin lock DMP and NOPSEMPA certified, WorkSafe registered. Containerised, air conditioned and equipped with all required safety equipment to be offshore compliant. The units have mounted 3 diver panels & video equipment to operate as a remote on site hyperbaric dive control unit.