Over the last 14 years Indianic has bolstered its position in Western Australia and the Northern Territory, as the leader and go to company for marine construction diving services. If you refer to our previous major projects page you will see the magnitude and the sheer volume of construction projects that Indianic have been involved in.

We are known as the company that can solve problems or correct issues that others cannot. This is due to our open attitude to assist and work with our clients. Our 80% repeat business is testament to this. Our services have never, and will never, be limited by a “can’t be done” attitude, as we will always find a way to the job safely and cost effectively.

Main services are;
  • Pile cutting, cleaning and protective wrapping or coating
  • Inspection of structure, seabed, berth pocket or approach
  • Navigational aid assessment supply and installation
  • Stabilisation works and sea wall construction
  • Cathodic protection assessment, supply and installation of both SCAP or impressed current
  • Foundation preparation and bedding