Indianic worked on the Darwin LNG in 2004 providing project diving services; including the installation of pile cofferdams, SCAP cathodic protection, recovery and salvage as required. Over the past 14 years we have performed works for many clients including the following;

  • Maintenance and mooring works for Pivot on the barramundi farms on Melville Island. This was over several years from 2004, and included demolition works once the system collapsed.
  • Works on moorings in Darwin Harbour, Gove and on Groote Island during the construction phase of the Darwin LNG.
  • Performed a government salvage contract off Groote Island.
  • Cable stabilisation works for Power and Water, Darwin to Mandorah, including revetment and a full cable survey of the entire sub-sea run.

We have a presence in the region as required, and stay current with CAL and the local authorities. We have in the past had permanently manned offices in Darwin employing local admin and labour, but currently only have an affiliation and a staging area at East Arm that we can stage from as the need arises.